Forsyte Saga: Flowering Wilderness John Galsworthy

Forsyte Saga: Flowering Wilderness - John Galsworthy
Автор: Голсуорси Джон
Издательство: Headline, 2007 г.
Ответственный редактор: Гришинский Харлам Гертрудович
Главный художник: Горащенко Феодосий Анисимович
Оформитель: Тетаренко Иларион Ерофеевич
Количество страниц: 528
Формат: txt, fb2, pdf

Описание "Forsyte Saga: Flowering Wilderness"
Книга полностью на английском языке.
Dinny Cherrell has been proposed to numerous times. But no one has ever come close to touching her independent spirit. That is, until she encounters Wilfred Desert. They had first met at Fleur and Michael Mont's wedding and the spark of attraction felt all those years before develops into a deep, all-consuming love. But Wilfred, made cynical by the war and a wanderer, is a complicated and tortured soul. When his past actions come back to haunt him, and the disapproval of Dinny's family work against them, their love is tested to the very limit... Вы можете скачать Forsyte Saga: Flowering Wilderness John Galsworthy.

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